On September 07, 2020, The Foundation for Innovative Packaging and Sustainability  was established with the combined vision of three experienced packaging professionals.

FIPS is registered as a non-Government, non-Profit organization under Section 8(1) of the Companies Act,2013  (CIN: U85300MH2020NPL345503).

FIPS was envisioned by Prof. Dr  N.C. Saha, Former Director and Principal Executive Officer, Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP), Govt. of India, India’s premier Institute in Packaging Technology. He is an internationally acclaimed professional with 33 years  of experience in Packaging Science and Technology.

Along with him,  two of his professional colleagues enthusiastically shared his vision:

  • Prof Dr.Anup K. Ghosh, a distinguished and renowned Professor for three decades in the Polymer Science & Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India and a Fellow of National Academy of Sciences, India
  • Mr Mrinal K Banerjee, an innovator with 55 patents to his credit (out of 156 patents applied globally) and a thought leader in the field of laminated and extruded tube packaging and allied polymer conversion field including of printing and decoration over three decades.

Aims of FIPS

By creating a vibrant Knowledge Platform in the domain of packaging and sustainability, FIPS aims to fulfil 10 key objectives:

  1. For sharing knowledge by collaborating with reputed R&D Institutions, Colleges, Universities and industries in India and abroad
  2. To provide expertise and technical support towards Research & development activities for the development of innovative packaging materials by using natural resources for packaging applications
  3. To act as a platform for translating R & D for commercial applications
  4. To assist start-up companies with packaging design & development
  5. Explore cutting–edge technologies for the conversion of post-consumer packaging waste into value added product
  6. To help reduce littering and environmental damage and pollution
  7. Engage self-help women’s groups by encouraging them towardsWaste to Wealth” projects
  8. To create a revenue-neutral business model
  9. To assist the objectives of attaining UN Goals for a Circular economy
  10. To help to create a sustainable green environment for the betterment of society.

In addition, the Foundation also aims to conduct

  • ‘Skill Development’ programmes in association with Colleges, Universities, Industry associations, Government agencies, NGOs.
  • These will be conducted with the help of different training modules like Elementary Course, Basic Course and Advanced Course in  Packaging and Circular Economy.
  • Youth of different communities including Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribes and Other Backward Classes will be encouraged to participate in order to improve their awareness, upgrade their skills and knowledge of sustainable packaging.
  • Such programs will be conducted under the ‘Skill India’ mission and aim to make youth ‘self-reliant’ in order to be able to start cottage or small scale units in the field of processed foods and packaging for domestic and export market.
  • In this manner it would help to create an opportunity for  employment generation in the country.

Besides this, the Foundation would be actively involved to policy advocacy related to packaging regulation in the country.

The FIPS Team

In order to fulfil the Vision and Mission of this Foundation we feel privileged to have with us as eminent Mentors:

  • Mr Rajani Ranjan Rashmi, IAS (retd) and Former Chief Secretary, Manipur and Distinguished Fellow, The Energy and Resources Institute ( TERI), Delhi
  • Dr U. Venkaeshwarlu, IAS (retd) and Former Chief Secretary, Tripura, Hyderabad.

In addition, we are equally honoured to have learned experts to help us promote innovative and sustainable packaging, as Advisors, namely:

National Advisors

  • Dr Lakshmi Raghupaty, Former Director, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and Visiting Professor, TERI School of Advanced Studies, Delhi.
  • Prof Pradyumna Vyas, Former Director, National Institute of Design, India’s premier Institute in Design,Ahmedabad
  • Dr Anil Wali, Managing Director, Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FIIT), Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

International Advisors

  • Mr Safiullah Choudhury, Advisor, BGAPMEA, Bangladesh
  • Mr. Dharma Tilak Ratnayake, He is considered to be most visionary person for the growth of Packaging Industry in SriLanka.
  • Prof. Suprakash Sinha Roy, Chief Researcher at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.

We are also fortunate to have eminent Thought Leaders from the industry to help us:

  • Mr Deepak Mehta, Managing Director, Leevam INC, Baroda.
  • Mr Tamil Manian Nagalingam, Managing Director, Kuppaikaaran Waste Management Pvt Limited, Chennai
  • Mr Abhijit Choudhury, Packaging Technology professional from USA

As a backbone of our operations, we are also happy to have amongst us the expertise and skills of our able Chief Consultants, namely:

  • Dr Samir Joshi for Sustainability
  • Mr Subhas Bhattacharjee for Training
  • Mr Rahul Bhargava for Innovation
  • Mr Deepak Manchanda for Packaging Design

 The Foundation is bound to gain immensely from the combined expertise and experience of our Chief Consultants, who will work alongside the Directors to achieve all that we have set-out to do.

 It is to be expected that with such a varied and vastly experienced Team the Foundation would be able to chart a precise road map with a clear vision for the overall benefit of the packaging industry as well as social strata at all levels.