• FIPS participated in the Brainstorming Conclave on Atmanirbhar North East through S&T Interventions during 21st & 22nd December, 2021 at Cotton University, Guwahati, Assam, organized by North East Centre for Technology Application & Reach ( NECTAR). Prof Jagdish Mukhi, Hon'ble Governor of Assam was the Chief Guest. Prof Bhavesh Ch. Goswami, Vice Chancellor, Cotton University, Guwahati, Prof. Arun Kumar Sarma, Director General, NECTAR and other dignitaries were present during the event.
  • Prof N.C. Saha, Founder Chairman, FIPS has Chaired the Technical Session on S&T Innovations to provide Livelihood Opportunities in the North East - Technology solution on Agriculture and Food Processing on 21st December, 2021, Guwahati during Brainstorming Conclave,. Mr M.K. Banerjee, Director, FIPS and Mr S. Bhattachrjee, Chief Consultant, FIPS were the speakers.
  • FIPS has also participated into TECHFAIR with a Booth to showcase the activities of FIPS at Cotton University, Guwahati during 21st & 22nd December, 2021, organized by NECTAR.
  • Mr Atul Bagai, Head of Country Office, UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAM( UNEP) and Prof. Manoj K. Tiwari, Director, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING ( NITIE), Mumbai will be the "KEYNOTE " speakers.
  • Dr Radhakrishnan Pillai, Director, CHANAKYA INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF LEADERSHIP STUDIES, University of Mumbai & Author, India's Best selling book " CORPORATE CHANAKYA"  will deliver a "MOTIVATIONAL TALK" on " CHANAKYA NITI FOR BUSINESS GROWTH".
  • One Month ONLINE CERTIFICATE PROGRAM ( MODULE-3) On "  ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES IN FLEXIBLE AND RIGID PLASTIC PACKAGING" in association with All India Plastic Manufacturers Association ( AIPMA) will be organized during 24th February, 2022 to 25th March, 2022.
  • Virtual Conference on " PLASTICS PACKAGING WASTE MANAGEMENT: SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTION ( PART-2)- Deriving Value from Post- Consumer Multilayer Packaging ( MLP) Waste was organised in association with M.G.University, Kottyam, Kerala on 21st October, 2021 at 3 PM.
  • On-Line Short term during ( 40 hours) Certificate Program on " Innovative Packaging and Sustainability", Organized by Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences, University of Delhi with FIPS as Knowledge Partner. The course was held on 26th July to 28th September, 2021.
  • Virtual Conference on " Pathways to a Profitable Recycling Enterprise" ( Part-1) under the series conference on " Plastic Packaging waste Management" was held on 29th July,2021. Mr R. R.Rashmi, Rtd IAS, Former Chief Secretary, Manipur & Distinguished Fellow, TERI was the Chief Guest.
  • FIPS in association with Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC), Govt of India will organize Virtual Conference on  "Patient friendly Packaging for Pharmaceuticals"  on 2nd August, 2021 at 3 PM. Dr Rajeev Singh Raghuvanshi, Secretary cum Scientific Director, IPC was the Chief Guest to inaugurate this conference.

Material Recycling the voice of India Recycling Industry April – May 2021


If one could tweak the famous Shakespearean lines ‘If music is the food of love play on’ to ‘if music is the food for Recycling, play on’, it is all that one would like to tell Kanika Borad, the innovator behind Music Recycling. After trials and testing, she has successfully established it in the US of America, where it is a growing trend today, the young lady is taking her movement across continents and has brought it home to the Indian shores. India has a rich tradition of great music, and the daughter of Surendra Patawari Borad of Gemini will not find much problem in getting it loved and adopted here. Recycling is a life principle that everyone need to practice for a Green and Sustainable Planet and every effort to promote it should be supported and encouraged. You will get to read about the encouraging journey of the young musician in this edition.

Reading about music and how it is being used to promote Recycling is refreshing and indeed a stress releasing one, especially in these times of Covid pandemic, which, in its virulent second coming, is highly devastating to India and throwing its industries into total disarray. In this context, another development that is proving more than salutary to the Indian industry, especially Recycling, and its stakeholders is the Government’s announcement of the recycling policy for end-of-life vehicles in the country. While a well-known authority on the subject, Cmdr Sujeet Samanddar, writes about how the paradigm policy could help the country to become Atmanirbhar, another motor industry veteran, Capt Mohan Ram elaborates on what lies next for the industry and the country.

How sustainable is sustainability in plastic is a million dollar question at a time when we are looking at various means and methods of managing the ever- present and increasing volumes of plastic waste in the country. While our esteemed columnist Dr Sameer Joshi dwells on that important topic, Deepak Mehta of Leevams Incorporated looks closely at post-consumer plastic waste and comes out with interesting solutions for recycling of multi-layer plastic waste.

The Recycling Industry’s adeptness in coming to the country’s help in these trying times of Covid-19 is one thought that I want to leave with you here. It should make every one of us proud that the industry is pooling its resources, in whichever way possible, to help the country overcome the raging crisis. For example, the secondary metal industry in the country has stalled their operations and instead are generating oxygen to be used to save lives of Covid patients. According to MRAI President, Sanjay Mehta, the industry would be contributing a sizable quantity of oxygen to hospitals, which is yet to be quantified. It is in no way a small measure and coming from the India’s Recycling segment, which is not even considered as an industry by the Government, it is indeed commendable and moral boosting for its players.

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